Installation Summary

A closed loop design was switched for a Class V thermal exchange system which saved $600,000 in installation costs. Two Hydrotherm KN-6 boilers were installed to provide emergency backup heat while redundant well pumps and exchangers were provided as alternatives. 46 Carrier geothermal heat pumps were installed to heat and cool the multiple rounds in the four-story structure. A variable frequency drive controls the well pump based on main loop temperature and allows the pump to shut off if the loop is between 48 and 67°F. A separate variable frequency drive controls the condenser water loop according to temperature. The boiler temperature sensor is in the return water line and activates the boilers in case loop temperature drops low in heating mode.

 Project Overview

Young Women Christians Association (YWCA) in Canton Ohio is a four-story building has a cooling capacity of 100 tons, and an post construction electrical consumption budget of $54,000 per month. Inspired by a seminar conducted by National Ground Water Association (NGWA) on alternative geothermal methods, the designers opted for Class V thermal exchange system.

  Project Goals

  • Reduced first cost
  • Reduced footprint (geothermal field)
  • Elimination/reduction of combustion/electric resistance heating
  • Longevity of HVAC system
  • Energy savings and environmental comfort


The following equipments were used for the project

  • Hydrotherm KN-6 boilers
  • 46 Carrier geothermal heat pumps

  Project Benefits

  • 1. Monthly electricity expenditure reduced to 1/4 th of pre-installation bill
  • 2. No outdoor equipment
  • 3. Storm proof (HVAC equipment wise)
  • 4. HVAC system longevity
  • 5. Boilers are no longer used
  • 6. Noticeably superior comfort and heating and cooling modes
  • 7. Remarkable system efficiency at standard equipment pricing

 Project Team

  • Geothermal HVAC consultant: EggGeothermal Consulting
  • Mechanical Contractors: Yoder Geothermal and Finney Refrigeration
  • Mechanical Engineer Josh Staley, PE
  • Manufacturers Representative: Carrier Technologies
  • Completed by: 2012