Installation Summary

The owner hired EggGeothermal Consulting to guide him through the process of choosing the best design for his home. Several meetings with contractors, architects, and other professionals provided many possible scenarios.

Climate Control heating and Air-Conditioning of Holly Hill, FL was selected because of their experience with geothermal HVAC systems, and their practical and competent design capabilities.

Two wells were drilled to a depth of about 200’, one for supply water, and one to return the water to the Floridan Aquifer. The wells are connected to a geothermal isolation exchanger, and the water is pumped out, and then returned to the aquifer from which it came. This aquifer based geothermal exchange system provides unsurpassed environmental and renewable energy benefits.

 Project Overview

Windermere is a community that is home to many famous personalities and a wide variety of architectural styles. This owner chose a classic Frank Lloyd Wright architectural style that left little room for error. Elimination of outdoor equipment and related noise pollution was central to attaining that goal.

In keeping with environmentally conscious goals of the project, equipment was chosen that would not increase GHG emissions. Included were geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling the home, heating and cooling the pool, and to heat the domestic hot water.

A renewable thermal energy load-sharing system was used that takes advantage of the heat pumped out of the home during the air-conditioning process, and diverts that thermal energy into the domestic hot water (DHW) system tanks, and into the swimming pool as needed.

Project Goals

  • Elimination of Outdoor Condensers and Equipment
  • Reduce Outdoor and Indoor Noise Pollution
  • Facilitate Premium Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Provide Longevity of Equipment
  • Heat the Pool and Domestic Hot Water with Waste Heat
  • Eliminate/Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions


  • (4) Carrier Model  GTO Geothermal Heat Pumps, 2-5 Tons
  • (1) Symbiont Model PH090TT Geothermal Pool Heat Pump
  • (1) WaterFurnace “5 Series” Dedicated Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump
  • (10 Pair “Class V” Geothermal Exchange Well Doublet
  • Plate and Frame Isolation Exchanger
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Operated Well and Circulation Pumping System

Project Benefits

The owner was able to eliminate outdoor equipment along with related outdoor and indoor noise pollution, while facilitating unmatched temperature and humidity control. The system provides hot water and pool heating at about 25% of traditional electric heating.

Maintenance has been reduced and longevity is substantially increased because no equipment is exposed to the elements.

Project Team

Project Name:

  • Custom Residence
  • Windermere, FL

Geothermal Consultant:

  • EggGeothermal Consulting
  • Kissimmee, FL

Installation Contractor:

  • Climate Control Heating and Air-Conditioning
  • Holly Hill, FL

Project Competition Date:

  • December, 2016

Windermere GHP

Windermere DHW

Windermere Load Share Hydronics