Via Modernize

These days, it seems like solar power is the answer to our sustainable energy needs, and it certainly is an amazing one. But there’s another solution that gets a little less press: geothermal heating and cooling. Instead of coming from above, geothermal energy comes from below—from within the earth, where the temperature remains a stable 50 degrees. Harnessing geothermal energy allows you to heat and cool your house in an efficient, cost-effective way.

A conventional air source struggles to turn biting winter air or blazing summer air into the opposite so that it can heat and cool your house. But when it comes to geothermal heating, the process involves using a pump to pull heat through liquid-filled pipes and distributing it into your house as warm air. Geothermal cooling is accomplished by reversing the heating process—extracting heat from your home. The hot air either goes back into the loop or is used to heat your water. Here are some of the many advantages, courtesy of Modernize, on cooling and heating your home using geothermal energy:

It’s Sustainable

Unlike HVAC systems, a geothermal system doesn’t emit harmful chemicals into the environment. It’s the most environment-friendly way to heat and cool your home—and even more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems.

It Saves You Money on Utilities

Just like a solar system, there is some upfront cost associated with building a geothermal system. Creating the buried loop system means digging in the ground and installing the pipes, which is a fairly big project. But, also like solar, you recoup that invest in the money that you save on heating, cooling, and even water.

It’s Safe

Again, traditional heating and cooling systems release harmful chemicals—which means that in your home, there is a risk of the system emitting carbon dioxide or combusting. With a geothermal heating and cooling system, you won’t be under the threat of these devastating abnormalities.

It Provides You with Hot Water

The heat removed from the air when your system is in cooling mode can be directly deposited to your water, which means you’re not paying every time you want to do a warm load or take a shower. You’re simply taking advantage of the earth’s sustainable energy.

It’s Less Noticeable

With traditional systems, you probably hear and feel when the air or heat kicks on. Sometimes it can feel like an arctic blast, or it’s loud enough to wake you while you’re sleeping. Geothermal systems are quiet because they don’t need that loud equipment to work hard to cool or heat air. You also won’t feel that blast of hot or cold air because geothermal systems heat and cool more evenly.