Installation Summary

Due to the sensitive needs of the complex, a geological survey was done which included test wells to measure capacity, conductivity, salinity and other in-depth analysis for the needed for the EOC’s chillers. Eight wells with a capacity of 1500 gallons per minute of condenser water provide for quadruple redundancy. In order to provide redundancy, any combination of 4 pairs of wells will operate the complex’s chiller system, and is currently expandable to twice the capacity. Sensors and valves have been installed to carefully manipulate flows and monitor the performance of the system.

 Project Overview

The Pinellas Safety Complex (PSC) is an $81 million complex that includes police, vehicle maintenance, communications, parking garage, and emergency operations facilities. Since Lend Lease was chosen as the construction manager, they worked with Pinellas County Commissioners to consider geothermal source and resultant elimination of cooling towers. Financial analysis revealed that the geothermal wells needed for the project would cost about the same as the financial credit from the mechanical contractor for the cooling tower installation. The decision was made to go ahead with geothermal sourced chillers for the project.

  Project Goals

  •  Needs +1 construction
  •  Elimination of cooling towers
  •  Reduction of water consumption
  •  Storm proofing
  •  Energy savings and environmental comfort


The following equipments were used for the project

  • Trane “EarthWise” Centravac Chillers
  • 4 Supply wells (each with a capacity of 1500 gallons of water per minute)
  • 4 Injection wells (each with a capacity of 1500 gallons of water per minute)
  • Sensors and valves

  Project Benefits

  • Elimination of outdoor equipment
  • Hurricane proof (HVAC equipment wise)
  • HVAC system longevity
  • Elimination of combustion and electric resistance heating
  • Noticeably superior comfort and heating and cooling modes
  • Elimination of associated fresh water waste (up to 53,000 gallons per day fresh water savings during peak summer operation from normal cooling tower evaporation and blow down)
  • Remarkable system efficiency at standard equipment pricing

 Project Team

  • Construction manager: Lend Lease
  • Equipment Installed: Trane “EarthWise” Centravac Chillers
  • Consulting Engineer: Engineering Matrix
  • Geothermal HVAC consultant: EggGeothermal Consulting
  • Mechanical Contractor: Page Mechanical Services

PSC Geo Chiller