Jay’s passion for geothermal air-conditioning and heating started during a repair to his own home air conditioning system on Labor Day weekend in 1989. Frustrated by the extreme tropical climate which had added to the premature failure of his air-conditioning system, he modified his home air conditioner to become a ground water-cooled system.

As he explored the opportunities which resulted from this successful discovery, he found there were others that shared his vision. Oklahoma State University (OSU), under the direction of Dr. Jim Bose had commissioned the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). Jay traveled to OSU and studied the curriculum, and received his IGSHPA training to become a certified geothermal designer/installer.

Jay founded EggGeothermal in 1990 to provide geothermal HVAC systems to the Florida market. The result was immediate acceptance as EggGeothermal did very well with the technology, being featured on several network affiliated news stations and featured in many newspapers and magazines, receiving many opportunities to train and speak on geothermal technologies.

Jay received his first opportunity to speak at a professional level on the technology in 1994 as Tampa Building Department officials asked him to conduct a two day training class for city officials on the merits of geothermal HVAC technologies. Right behind them, Tampa Electric Company (TECO) began to rely heavily on Mr. Egg’s training expertise, utilizing him in many and varied forms from conventions to in-house educating. Jay’s companies, with the help of his brother, Brian Egg, president of Egg Systems Southeast continued to expand, becoming successful HVAC contractors, providing mechanical services of all kinds.

As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, EggGeothermal entered into a new age of acceptance, and was able to quickly take its place among the leaders in renewable energy technologies, specifically geothermal sourced applications.

Jay and co-author Brian Howard accepted the invitation to write a professional book from McGraw Hill on the subject, and Geothermal HVAC, Green Heating and Cooling was published to a worldwide audience in 2010. The resulting validation and interest from publishing of this book have provided numerous opportunities for Mr. Egg.

Jay and co-writer Greg Cunniff accepted the opportunity to write a graduate-level textbook for McGraw- Hill. Modern Geothermal HVAC Engineering and Controls Applications will be published to a worldwide audience in April of 2013.

Jay currently focuses his professional efforts on geothermal consulting, writing, and speaking engagements. Among his clients are federal, state and local governments, developers, associations, and private entities.

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