Egg Systems

Egg Systems, established in 1991, have designed and completed around 1900 HVAC systems in Florida. Jay Egg who is the founder is currently engaged in lending his expertise on projects ranging from 5 tons to 6000 tons to industry manufacturers and professional organizations while spreading information on geothermal systems in sites such as Green Builder and Mechanical Hub

 Project Overview

First Church of Christ Scientist,Tampa in Florida is a historic building built in 1920. They installed heating and cooling system for the first time in 1949. After 63 years, the chiller needed upgrading for which the clients approached Egg Systems for consultation on Geothermal HVAC. The clients were convinced to proceed with Geothermal Retrofit/Upgrade after Egg Systems successfully completed a test on geothermal well and feasibility report.

  Project Goals

  • Low equipment replacement cost.
  • Longevity of HVAC system.
  • Energy savings and environmental comfort.
  • Elimination/reduction of combustion/electric resistance heating.


The following equipments were used for the project

  • Bosch Heat Pump 12.5 ton EC151-3VTC-FBT
  • Bosch 24 ton EC300-3VTC-FBT
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger

  Project Benefits

  •  No outdoor equipment
  •  Hurricane proof (HVAC equipment wise)
  •  Continued HVAC system longevity
  •  Elimination of oil furnace and electric resistance heating
  •  Noticeably superior comfort and heating and cooling modes
  •  Remarkable system efficiency (14 to 15 EER) at standard equipment pricing

 Project Team

  • Geothermal HVAC consultant: EggGeothermal Consulting
  • Mechanical Contractor: CGM Mechanical, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Manufacturers Representative: G L Spies, Bosch, Tampa Florida Completed by: September, 2013

First Church FHP CGM (2)

First Church FHP CGM (3)