Installation Summary
Being that the facility is located in South Florida, an inactive cooling system was not an option.  To alleviate the sand issue coming up from the supply well, a dual basket strainer was installed.  These are typically used in industrial applications, but was perfect for this particular scenario.  This gives the single well system some redundancy that allows one side of the strainer to be cleaned while allowing full flow operation through the other.  The piping system on the house loop condenser side was original construction and needed replacing.  Page mechanical was contracted for that replacement and worked closely with Engineering Matrix and the building owner to replace one of the four piping risers at a time.  This allowed the building to remain predominantly cooled during construction while only disabling cooling for one unit on each floor at a time for only a few days downtime.
Project Overview
Beach Terrace is a 17-story, 70 Unit condominium that sits along the Gulf Coast in Siesta Key, FL.  It was constructed in 1965 with Geothermal heating and cooling as the basis of design and still runs that way today.  Each condominium is individually heated and cooled by a dedicated water source heat pump.  This system is composed of two hydronic loops – a house condenser loop and ground (well) loop.  The individual heat pumps reject their heat to the house loop of the geothermal HVAC system, which in turn rejects it’s heat to the ground loop.  The site’s existing supply well was bringing up sand that was causing debris issues for the heat exchanger limiting heat transfer.  Also, because of the age of the system, the house condenser loop needed replacing.  Once these two items were remedied,  the owner was interested in using their current geothermal infrastructure to assist in their pool heating.
Project Goals
Add some redundancy to single well system
Keep existing system operating at maximum efficiency
Protect existing equipment
Update existing infrastructure
Existing Polaris Heat Exchanger
New Titan Flow Control FD0 20 Series Dual Basket Strainer
New Bell & Gosset E-80 30 HP Inline Pump
New ABB 30 HP Variable Frequency Drive
Project Benefits
No outdoor equipment
Hurricane proof (HVAC equipment wise)
Continued HVAC system longevity
Elimination of electric resistance heating
Noticeably superior comfort and heating and cooling modes
Remarkable system efficiency
Project Team
Geothermal HVAC consultant: Egg Geo
Consulting Engineer: Engineering Matrix
Mechanical Contractor for Strainer Addition: Air Services of Manasota Inc., Sarasota, Florida
Mechanical Contractor for House Loop Replacement: Page Mechanical Group, Fort Myers, Florida
Manufacturer’s Representative: Dick Spies, G.L. Spies Company, Inc., Tampa Florida